2021 Hyundai Santa Cruz, 10 Coolest Movie Trucks, Bigfoot

Episode 169 · April 26th, 2020 · 44 mins 23 secs

About this Episode

Is it cooler to drive Bigfoot through a car dealership or escape tornados in a brand-new Dodge Ram? Could you really pull a house off of its foundations with a GMC dually? And what, exactly, were Tango & Cash actually driving in that weird climactic scene? Benjamin and Sami dive into the best movie trucks of all time, with Sami displaying a shocking lack of interest in the world of monster trucks no matter how many times Benjamin decides to bring up the history of Bigfoot, Bigfoot Shuttle, or Bigfoot 7. The pair also touch on the upcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz, which would be the Korean brand's first foray into the world of pickups.

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  • 10 Best Movie Trucks and Pickups To Come Out Of Hollywood — Car chases might get all the glory, but trucks have enjoyed their share of screen time in Hollywood, too. In fact, there are a number of movies where pickups and SUVs have played a key role in either advancing the plot, saving the day, or just injecting some much-needed adrenaline into a movie's sagging second act.