2022 Toyota Corolla Cross, 2022 Toyota CH-R, Hurricane Turbo Motor, Honda ASIMO Retires

Episode 267 · April 3rd, 2022 · 38 mins 18 secs

About this Episode

This week on the Unnamed Automotive Podcast, witness something that's as rare as a double-rainbow: the double-Toyota subcompact crossover conversation. Sami and Benjamin discuss their experiences in Toyota's TWO small crossovers: the 2022 Corolla Cross and the C-HR. Is is a problem for Toyota and its customers? Which one of these two vehicles is better positioned for success? The pair also dive into the origin stories of the two cars and where they find the most love around the world.

Benjamin and Sami then celebrate the retirement of our longtime listener and fan, the Honda ASIMO, who will now go to a cushy robo retirement facility in Florida to live out the rest of its years. Additionally, our hosts dissect the new Hurricane engine from Stellantis, which signals that the era of awesome ICE propulsion isn't over yet.

Do like the posters on the wall say: Live, Laugh, Love, or in our case, Listen, Laugh, Like."

Note:_ A previous version of this episode went out a full day early with a few minutes of pre-podcast banter (disguised as CH-R/Corolla Cross research) somehow appended to the beginning. We apologize for the lack of professionalism on that premature launch, which can be blamed entirely on Benjamin, whose cognitive skills are rapidly deteroriating with age._ Thanks so much to the listener who brought the problem to our attention!

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