2023 Nissan Ariya, 2023 Subaru WRX CVT

Episode 311 · March 26th, 2023 · 43 mins 5 secs

About this Episode

Sami jumps into the 2023 Nissan Ariya e-4orce, and explains how this EV will take on the tough competition, despite coming to the market relatively late. With nearly a dozen trim levels, is the Nissan's biggest asset choice or experience?

Then Benjamin chimes in with his recent 2023 Subaru WRX experience, which was dulled by the implementation of the a fun-sapping CVT. CVTs are generally used for fuel savings, and Benjamin is unclear why the new Subaru offers such an option given that it actually uses more fuel than the standard manual gearbox. Given Subaru's performance-car history, does this new WRX measure up?

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