2023 Toyota BZ4X, The Weird 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Redesign

Episode 326 · July 23rd, 2023 · 41 mins 46 secs

About this Episode

Boring, uninspired, mediocre are words you wouldn't use to describe the Unnamed Automotive Podcast, but perhaps they're sprinked throughout this week's discussions as Benjamin dishes about his time with the 2023 Toyota bZ4X. Toyotas first mainstream all electic vehicle, the 'beezforks' (shout-out to Abigail Bassett) represents a whole new space for the Japanese automaker, but it seems like there are many things holding the car back from truly succeeding.

Then the guys talk about derivative automotive design following the reveal of the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe, which packs a boxy portfolio, a rugged face and a blank rear end. Is the era of unique looking Hyundais a thing of the past? Thanks for listening!

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