2024 Jaguar F-Type R75, 2024 Subaru Outback Onyx, Ford Kills Self-Parking

Episode 352 · February 18th, 2024 · 49 mins 28 secs

About this Episode

The guys have returned from their short hiatus to give you even more great content and car conversations. This weeks episode starts off following Benjamin's recent drive of the 2024 Jaguar F-Type R 75, a celebration of the British automaker's great history of sports cars. Benjamin takes a cruise down Memory Ln. to talk about the F-Type and its impact on the brand, as well as how the rest of the sports car world looked when it first debuted compared to where we are now. Plus we get some more insight into his personal, (or is that questionable?) automotive tastes.

Then Sami, noted Outback enthusiast and serial owner, talks about the 2024 Subaru Outback Onyx Edition, which he isn't recommending to new car shoppers. He lists why, and the guys go on their own journey to find acceptable Outback alternatives.

Finally the pair discuss some news from Ford about the brand cutting a much loved/maligned feature from their future cars. Be sure to reach out to us on social media or check out our website for more Unnamed Automotive Podcast news.

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