2024 Lexus TX 350, Fake HD Trucks

Episode 356 · March 17th, 2024 · 43 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

It may be St Particks Day, but our hosts are driving anything but green rides. Benjamin starts this weeks show off with a discussion of the 2024 Lexus TX 350, an all new model in the Lexus lineup, but one that feels pretty familiar to anyone who's checked out the Toyota Grand Highlander. While this three-row is more competent than past offerings by Lexus, Benjamin shares his concerns about whether this is a worthy option in this class, and what to do about its troublesome user-interface and weird driver-facing-video recordings.

Then the guys talk about some weird fake heavy-duty trucks, and this history behind such a strange trend in the automotive industry. Who's heard of the Big 10, or Heavy Half before? It was certainly an eye-opener for our enthusiastic hosts. Thanks for listening!

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