2024 Ford Maverick Hybrid, Fisker Bankruptcy, Sega Rally Documentary

Episode 367 · June 23rd, 2024 · 47 mins 12 secs

About this Episode

This week, the Unnamed Automotive Podcast gets their hands on a unicorn, or so they think. The 2024 Ford Maverick is the topic du jour, but unlike past discussions of the small pickup truck, this one is equipped with the fuel-friendly hybrid powertrain. While this setup was hard to find in the past, this year the Blue Oval has changed its mind about what engines are standard and which isn't, so would you pay more for less power and more MPGs? And how good is this small truck once you step back from its compact crossover roots?

Then the guys discuss the endless comedy of Fisker's bankrupcty, before talking about a cool road trip Benjamin took to a gaming hub in the US. Which brings up the wonderful world of driving video games that we know our hosts can get carried away in.

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